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Tulèr is a responsive kitchen with elegant and solid shapes designed by Tipic, where technical and structural harmony converge to amplify the properties of the rock and reflect a new concept of multifunctional environment.

An evolved and multifunctional island, which gets its name from a term of the romagnolo dialect used to indicate the working of dough, whither are seamlessly integrated the most advanced capabilities of service and utility through our technological solutions.

The stone top is supported by two easels and a single column-stand, which operates as an element of service, hosting the flow of the water current, the discharges, the electrical wiring and possible air channels.

Solutions range:

  • Panel with electrical sockets integrated below the surface
  • Covered sink in stainless steel, with lateral motion control for water supply
  • Hood integrated on surface, in the aspirating or filtering modular variant
  • Drawer with servo-assistance powered push-pull
  • touch-screen scale inserted in the surface with integrated numeric display
  • Inductors installed under the layer of thin stone and reported by laser working
  • Wireless charging bay positioned below the surface and reported, just like the inductors, by laser working

Tulèr cabinet


The wall containment cabinet is inspired by the proportions of a library with sliding panels.

Can be coated with technical material or in marble with relief graphics.

Offmat pushes the limit of the stone manufacturing by working on thin sheets up to 4mm thickness. Common weight and resistance limits are overcome.

This know-how enables to create low relieves on superficial claddings of Tulèr cabinets which reproduce the complex curves of the Dolomits range in Croda da Lago.

Elements to configure the wall set up:

  • Additional work surface in quartz
  • Additional integrated sink into surface
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Drawers
  • Wheeled cabinet
  • Structure with cabinet system for pantry or storage use